Zap Property Group Pty Ltd provides opportunities for select investors to be part of our projects.

We create a unique fund for each of our developments. This allows you to be linked to a specific project, rather than investing in a general fund across multiple projects. This means you can take pride in being part of a particular project on Melbourne’s skyline.

The fund for each project is operated under an AFSL with an independent trustee. Our investors stay with us throughout the lifecycle of a development, during which time we keep you informed on a regular basis.

Building on our own long-term experience and the expertise of our partners, our disciplined acquisition criteria are centred around sound property fundamentals, and are designed to add value wherever possible.

As well as layers of protection, our fund structure offers strong target rates of return for our investors. The average time invested in a Zap project is between a relatively short timeframe of one to three years.

Beyond the quality of our projects or financial returns, a mark of our success is the high number of investors who continue to invest in our projects.

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